Star Trek Turkey

I saw Star Trek yesterday. For a dedicated fanboy it's probably awesome.

To me, well it was decent entertainment, but it reminded me too much of Galaxy Quest.

In Norwegian, when a movie tries to be something big, but fails, it's called a "kalkun" :)

This translates to "turkey", but probably doesn't make sense.

Stuff that made me cringe:

  • Most acting was overdone, TV-series style.
  • Main character had no brains, no finesse. Just a kid who likes to pose in a Brad Pit way, tilting his head forward and looking up under eyebrows. Interesting future when this ability alone is enough to get you captaincy.
  • We're Americans, if we go with our gut feeling, we don't have to think because by we can't err. I can take some of this, but this movie gave med an overdose.
  • In the future, if you end up in a wheel chair, you can't pilot a star ship. wtf?
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